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McInerney 2.0 takes reins at Brighton

Former SA Country skipper Matt McInerney (the young guy on the right) has been appointed A Grade captain at Brighton Cricket Club for the 2023-24 season and beyond.

Originally from Mount Gambier, Matt is a talented right-hand bat and medium-pace bowler who has first grade experience at Glenelg and was named SA Country carnival player of the carnival on three separate occasions.

This led to him skippering that side in 2019 and being named in the Australian country cricket championships team of the year in the same summer.

Fresh off a second Grade premiership at Glenelg last month, Matt replaces his brother Steve, who will continue to play an important role with the Brighton A grade as it strives to rejoin ATCA's top flight.

Brighton CC President Ian Barnes welcomes Matt McInerney to the club.

Steve did a great job leading the side in a solid return to A2 in 2022-23 and is delighted to make way for his younger brother.

The Bombers will look to again field five senior sides in 2023-24 and are confident that the addition of Matt and several other key recruits will bolster the squad and add the quality needed to return the club to A1.

Matt brings plenty of high quality cricket experience to Brighton and is excited to take on the role as the club's key on-field leader.

Welcome to BCC Matt McInerney.

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